The great powders and services BAM could offer.

What BAM could offer?
The Advanced equipment for advanced products.
There are 482 sets of equipment (sets) in the research and production site of BAM, among which vacuum atomization powder making system, hot gas atomization powder making system, low pressure plasma coating preparation system, powder spheroidization system are international advanced equipment; spray drying equipment, vacuum degreasing sintering equipment, airflow classification equipment are domestic leading equipment in China.

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There are 401 (units/branches) monitoring and measuring equipments, including pressure gauge, temperature controller, thermocouple, power meter, standard test sieve, vernier caliper, micrometer, electronic scale, balance, thermometer, etc.

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Four Star powders

Alloy Powder
With vacuum atomization, gas atomization, high-pressure water atomization and other alloy powder product development, batch production lines, as well as accurate physical and chemical inspection means, we can provide you with high-quality, stable nickel-based, cobalt-based, iron-based, copper-based, silver-based series of alloy powder.
Ni60, Ni80Cr20, iron-based laser powder, CuAl and other have occupied a mainstream position in China.

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Ceramic Powders
Ceramic powders such as yttrium oxide partially stabilized zirconia, alumina titanium oxide powder made by using chemical deposition and sintering, agglomerate sintering, etc. can be used for thermal barrier coating of turbine thermal parts, wear resistance, sliding wear resistance, oxygen resistance, acid and alkali resistance.


Carbides Powder
High quality carbides powder such as WC-10Co4Cr, WC-12Co \WC-17Co, NiCr-CrC etc. are produced by agglomerate sintering and sintering breakage process. It can be used for the surface wear protection of various shafts, plates, rollers and other parts. The advantages are high deposition rate of material spraying, dense coating, adaptable to various spray guns, short spraying time and low cost.

Metal Ceramic Powder

Composite powder
Two or more components are compounded together by means of chemical coating, gluing agglomeration granulation or spray granulation to form powder materials with special properties. The main products are nickel-coated graphite series composite powder, nickel-coated alumina composite powder, nickel-coated aluminum composite powder, nickel-coated casting tungsten carbide composite powder, aluminum-coated nickel composite powder, nickel-chromium-aluminum composite powder, nickel-chromium aluminum cobalt yttrium oxide composite powder, aluminum silicon boron nitride composite powder, etc. They are widely used in thermal spraying primer, wear resistance, wear reduction and wearable applications as well as non-thermal spraying fields such as 5G base station conductive adhesive.

BAM powder, ready for offering best powders and services.

Metal Ceramic Powder

Post time: Feb-08-2023